CHB Mail - 2021-11-25


Call for respect on new trail


With summer approaching and the Tukituki Trail extension nearing completion, users of the extensive river pathways are being asked to be aware of the different designated trails, and respect other users. While new signage is planned and will be installed soon, Tukituki Trail spokesman Roy Fraser says there is enough signage in place to make it clear that horses, motor bikes and motor vehicles are not permitted on the limestone pathways. “The limestone pathways are for cyclists, walkers and runners. There are additional mountain bike trails through the trees on the river’s edge and these are also solely for walkers and cyclists and are well signposted,” he says. Horse riders are catered for with a bridle trail along the grassed river berm. The most established bridle trail is from the Waipukurau River bridge at Lindsay Rd to the Otaia/ Lindsay Bush reserve but the bridle trail will be cleared and marked from the end of Tapairu Rd, Waipawa, right through to Otaia on the north bank of the river, and from the camping ground end of River Terrace, Waipukurau, to the base of Pukeora Hill on the southern bank. There is parking at the camping ground end of River Terrace, on the corner of Lindsay Rd and at the end of Tapairu Rd. Ruahine Adult Riding Club spokeswoman Rachel Wise says: “Horse riders will be able to cross the river just upstream of Otaia and ride a loop. It will be a nice chance for a splash in the river on a hot summer’s day. “Some of the bridle trail has become overgrown with the lush spring grass growth but it will be mown to make access easier. “The main thing for horse riders to remember is to keep off areas that have been constructed solely for mountain bikes so as not to do any damage.” Trail bikes and motor vehicles are not permitted on cycle or horse trails, but a trailbike track has been established about 500m downstream from Ford Rd, Waipukurau, and there are further trails available to trailbikes, at Walker Rd, Waipawa. The Walker Rd area is also accessible for 4WD vehicles. Ruahine Adult Riding Club asks that people encountering horses on the trails be aware the animals can be startled by cyclists or runners coming up behind them or rushing past. “Please call out as you approach, so as not to frighten the horses,” says Wise. “Just say ‘hi’ or ‘bike coming’. Sharing these spaces with so many other users is something our horses are only just getting used to. “A startled horse can be hard for the rider to control. “Also a request to dog owners, please restrain your dog when approaching a rider as some dogs can get very excited seeing a horse and rush them, which is risky for horse, rider and dog.”


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