Hauraki-Coromandel Post - 2021-06-10


Casting a spell from nature


Linda Thompson

Did you know that the Oxford Junior Dictionary has deleted nature-related words like bluebell and acorn from their new editions, because naturerelated words are “not as relevant” for modern kids? In 2017 Macfarlane and illustrator Morris published The Lost Words, a protest book of poetry and watercolours each dedicated to one of the deleted words, and it sparked an awakening of interest in the natural world. The Lost Spells is a follow up — poetry and art meant to be read aloud. There are tongue twisters, charms, lullabies, birds, moths, seals, foxes brought to life. The beautiful words and breath-taking watercolours will transport you to a peaceful place. It's a timely release in our troubled world. Each page needs to be savoured. Read it, and find your breath slowing and a smile forming. —


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