Napier Courier - 2021-11-24


Conserving water all year round, best way tomake it last


Council’s water operations team monitor water production and use, keeping a close eye on what percentage of maximum production Napier is using every day. Their knowledge will be Napier’s most important tool when it comes to helping the City save water. Water restrictions kick in when daily demand reaches 70% of the available water production (about 44 million litres) for seven consecutive days. There’s lots of ways to help water go the distance: shorter showers, shallower baths, handheld sprinklers, twilight watering, fixing leaks, washing the car on the lawn (or not at all!), mulching plants, and even considering water use when choosing which plants to put in the garden. Napier Council has changed the way it uses water in public spaces including watering gardens and sportsfields during cooler periods, just enough to keep plants hydrated, and the ground soft enough to host matches. For more information on water restrictions and how Napier City Council manages its water demand, go to #restrictions.


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